Project Description

ACE SL7000 meters support the new needs arising from deregulation and competition in the electricity market as well as classic metering. Compliant with IEC standards, these meters include large innovative capabilities. They allow multiple recording of load profiles along with local and remote communication on several lines.

Designed for direct or transformer connection, ACE SL7000 meters employ a scalable architecture that makes them equally suitable for use with existing and new electricity distribution networks. Thanks to an auto-ranging power supply and extremely wide measuring range, a single meter type can be used across a variety of applications – from large commercial installations to substation metering.

Features :

  • Multi-Energy
  • Load Profiles
  • Multi-Rate
  • Voltage Quality
  • Communications

Main Technical Parameter

Direct current:
3*57.7/100V up to 3*240/415V auto ranging
ln 5A, Imax 120A
lb 1A, Imax 10A
Network types
Direct connection:
C/t, v/t connection:
4-wire meter, fully operational in 3-wire connection without neutral
3- and 4-wire configurable connections
Direct connected:
Transformer connected:Reactive energy:
Class 1 (IEC 61036)
Class 0.2s up to Class 0.5s (IEC 60687) Class 0.5s (IEC 60687) & Class 1 (IEC 61036)
Class 1 or Class 2 (IEC 1268)
50 / 60 Hz
Temperature range
-40°C to +70°C
Full compliance with IEC 61036, IEC 60687 and CE marking standards (mechanical, climatic, electrical, electromechanical, metrological)
IR-port (IEC 61107), optional RS232C and/or RS485 DLMS-Cosem Protocol (IEC 62056)

Project Details

Client:Oak Hotel
Location:Barcelona, Spain