Project Description

Nevos high accuracy performances help you reduce your Non Revenue Water level due to metering inefficiencies. Compliant with regulations for products to use in contact with water intended for human consumption.

The severe Itron internal validation test protocol demonstrates the combination of high performance thermoplastic material together with our design gives a very high level of resistance.

Features :

  • Itron proven measuring chamber technology
  • New semi-dry register with bigger rollers to facilitate reading
  • Cover made in strong composite
  • Meter case made in brass
  • Compact design reducing tampering
  • Pre-equipped for AMR communication

Main Technical Parameter

Nominal diameter (DN) mm/inches, 15/1/2″
Production Accuracy Class:
Nominal Flow Rate:
Minimum Flow Rate:
Transitional Flow Rate:
Overload Flow rate:
Max. Operating temperature:
Max. Approved Ratio:
Max. Admissible Pressure:
Pressure Loss Class:
Climatic environment:
C , 160
m3/h, 1.5, 2.5
l/h, 15, 15.6
l/h, 22.5, 25
m3/h, 3, 3.125
°C, 50 (*)
bar, 16
bar, 0.63
°C, -5 to +55
Other Characteristics
Indication Range:
Minimum Scale Interval:
Typical Starting Flow Rate:
m3, 9999.9999
L, 0.02
l/h, 1

Project Details

Client:Oak Hotel
Location:Barcelona, Spain