Project Description

K1000 Single phase keypad smart energy meter is an active energy-metering instrument, which uses digit as the data exchange media, is switchable between prepaid and post-paid mode. The meter has various optional communication methods, all its design philosophy depends on modularization, humanization & internationalization.

The meter is featured with high measuring accuracy, flexible settlement in kWh or amount, multi tariffs, and high anti-tamper functions etc, which is widely used in residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Features :

  • Measuring
  • Monitoring
  • Switch between prepaid and post-paid
  • Alarm and pre-warning
  • Load Control
  • Multi Tariffs
  • Remote Switch
  • Security features
  • Overdraft

Main Technical Parameter

Standards IEC 62052-11, IEC 62052-21, IEC 62055, IEC 62056
Rated voltage 240V
• Basic current
• Maximum current
• Starting current
• 5(80)A
• 80A
• 0.4%lb
Accuracy class Active: 1.0, Reactive: 2.0
Power consumption
• Voltage circuit
• Current circuit
• ≤1.5W, 10VA
• ≤1VA
Frequency 50Hz
Impulse constant 1600imp/kWh, 1600imp/kvarh
Display LCD 7+0/6+2/7+1
Communication 3G/GPRS/RF/PLC, Optical, Infrared, RS485
Communication protocol DLMS/COSEM
Ingress protection IP54
Operating temperature -25°C ~ +65°C

Project Details

Client:Oak Hotel
Location:Barcelona, Spain