Project Description

New generation single-phase static electricity meter GAMA 100 is developed for residential applications and is approved according to EN 50470-1, EN50470-3, IEC 62052-11, IEC62053-21 and IEC 62053-23. The electricity meter satisfies the requirements of Directive 2004/22/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 31 March 2004 on measuring instruments.

GAMA 100 can be either simple, single-tariff or sophisticated, multi-tariff meter with extended functionality. Meter can be provided with various optional features – including reactive energy and maximum demand measurement, load profiling, possibility to connect meter to AMR system, extended anti – tamper capability, relay output.

Features :

  • Measuring
  • Tariff module
  • Data storage
  • Billing
  • Load Profiles [Optional]
  • Communications
  • Outputs
  • Security features
  • Power Quality Monitoring (Optional)
  • Display

Main Technical Parameter

System Single-phase 2-wire
Accuracy class:
• For active energy
• For reactive energy
• 1.0 (IEC 62053-21), B (EN 50470-3)
• 2.0 (IEC 62053-23)
Reference voltage, Un 100V; 120V; 127V; 220V; 230V; 240V; special on request
Reference (maximum) current, Ib (Imax) 5(40)A, 5(60)A, 5(80)A, 5(100)A, 10(60)A, 10(80)A, 10(100)A
Current threshold 0,4% Ib
Reference Frequency, f 50 or 60 Hz
Meter constant, imp/kWh 1…19999, programmable
Power consumption:
• In voltage circuit
• In current circuit
• <0.75W; <1VA
• <0.05VA
Temperature ranges:
• Meter operating
• Meter storage
• -40°C…+70°C
• -40°C…+70°C
Internal real-time clock
Accuracy <0.5s/24 h (T=23°C)
Backup power supply Li-ion battery or Super-Cap (rechargeable)
Operation duration using only backup:
• Li-ion battery
• Super-Cap
• >10 years
• >7 days
Case & Dimensions
Case UV stabilized polycarbonate
Insulation Protective class II
Protection Class IP 53 (Optional IP54)
Dimensions, mm 180 x 130 x 65
Weight, kg 0.6

Project Details

Client:Oak Hotel
Location:Barcelona, Spain