Project Description

CL740 is latest three phase multi-functional electrici1y meter design for high accuracy and easy use, with tamper detection features and IEC62056-21 compliant communication ports. CL740 is used in a wide range of applications.

Features :

  • Energy Measurement (Measure total, forward, reverse active energy, reactive energy and measure energy of 4 quadrant.)
  • Maximum Demand Measurement
  • Multi-tariff
  • Real-time Measurement
  • Billing
  • Event Log (Tamper Detection, Power on/off, Terminal cover opening, Main cover opening, Reverse connection, Loss of phase)
  • Load Profile
  • Optical, RS485 communication

Main Technical Parameter

Item Parameter
Accuracy Class 1.0(Active): 2.0(Reactive)
Rate Voltage 3×240/415V
Nomimal(Max) Current Direct connected: 3×10(100)A
Reference Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Working Voltage Range 0.7Un~1.30Un
Start Current 0.001lb/0.004lb
V Circuit Power Loss ≤1.5W 6VA
l circuit power loss ≤0.4VA
Display LCD
Working Temperature -25–+65°C
Limit Temperature -40~+70°C
Storage and transportation temperature -40~+70°C
Average relative humidity ≤95%
Protection Rate IP54
Designed Life Span >15 years

Project Details

Client:Oak Hotel
Location:Barcelona, Spain